The park

By |Landscape, Places|

I walked in the park taking pictures of trees. Two people played euphonium horns. Languid unison melodies and marching in step. Their tuning slipped in and out. It started to rain. Water wet my [...]


By |Landscape|

In the garden today, pulled up dead leaves. Uprooted Artemisia and mint. Chopped down dead maple. Cultivating the coriander, parsley, lemongrass, and thyme. Begonia and geranium. Stonecrop sedum, Solomon’s seal, and obedient flower. Lily [...]

It’s tulip season

By |Landscape|

Yesterday morning at half-past nine I felt the warmth of the sun like no other recent day. Shortly after ten, a weird darkness fell, and a chill. Today the gloom remains. The gloom and [...]

The author

By |Art, Writing|

The death of the author is a beautiful idea. Reading as the creative act. The idea of all one text. No beginning and no end. A shimmering field of moods and rhythms. A landscape [...]

The sun

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Click edit button to change this text.The sun is out in Ontario. Many people will have worn the wrong thing and are just now a little wet under the collar. The smell of dog [...]

The wave

By |Landscape, The cosmos|

I was looking at the sea. The surface of the sea is the surface of the atmosphere. What we call a wave on the surface of the ocean is also a wave on the [...]


By |Art, Writing|

At the pharmacy cash: “You are reading that book?” “Yes.” “It is a very sad book.” “Very beautiful.” “Yes, very beautiful and very sad…. Do you want a bag?” “No.” “I will give you [...]

The Clock

By |Art|

Christian Marclay’s The Clock is a 24-hour film assembled from thousands of short clips of other films, each of which contains an image of (or reference to) the time, which reference corresponds exactly to the real [...]