Beginner’s Microbiome is available

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Buy the eBook online at Amazon.caBeginner’s Microbiome: a story about a man who changes what he eats. This is a biographical novella and a meditation on diet and life. It begins with experiments in dietary regimen based on the advice of authors like Rafael Kellman, Robynne Chutkan, and Elaine Gottschall, and proceeds through many moments of strangeness and beauty in everyday life.

Here’s an excerpt:

November. It is cool and sunny; 13º. Last night I had strange dreams. As though I could move between the world of the living and the dead. Dramatic and vivid, these dreams. They must be from this recent change in diet. The gut is clearly connected to the soul. Unfortunately for both, I am stuck in Oshawa, Ontario. Where there is nothing good to eat. But I must not pan Oshawa: It is surrounded by some of the region’s most beautiful rolling hills and mystical woods.

The author

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The death of the author is a beautiful idea. Reading as the creative act. The idea of all one text. No beginning and no end. A shimmering field of moods and rhythms. A landscape of possible worlds. No knowledge. Just dreams. Energies. Topographies.

Still, the will to authorship remains. The will to originate ideas, novels, songs, speeches, and proclamations 144 characters long. There will always be authors, as long as we are praised as babies for producing shit and getting it in the acceptable bucket.


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At the pharmacy cash:

“You are reading that book?”


“It is a very sad book.”

“Very beautiful.”

“Yes, very beautiful and very sad…. Do you want a bag?”


“I will give you a bag, only because this is my favourite book.”

“I will put the book in the bag, so as to keep it safe.”

“Yes, good.”

“Good day.”

“Good day.”