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Late November in Glasgow is sunny and brisk. Yesterday a man named Smiley told me he liked to jog 6K home from work late at night but that he’d stopped for the ice on the pavements. One hour later I slipped on just such a patch in Queen’s Park.

On the train a fidget spinner, as if out of thin air, knocked against my leg and clattered to the floor. Is this some kind of plague, I thought. No one seemed to notice. Someone could have stumbled on the toy, so I used my foot to nudge it to the side for someone to discover. Some young boy on the platform must have plucked the thing from another child, perhaps a younger sibling, and tossed it aboard.

I almost picked it up, simply out of curiosity for how such a thing might be to hold, but I did not.

The wave

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I was looking at the sea.

The surface of the sea is the surface of the atmosphere. What we call a wave on the surface of the ocean is also a wave on the surface of the air. The wave is an expression of instability between two media, a moment of encounter, a threshold under constant negotiation between sea and sky. The contingency of the one on the other. The audible air. The entire scene a shimmering field.

The world is packed with matter and coursing with energy.