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Daisies in the garden today. Last year the squirrels ate the flower tops right off the plants and they never came back. This year I put chicken shit on the dirt around each one. [...]

Peanut Pond

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Overcast yesterday at a peanut-shaped lake. The air was still, the trees barely indicating any atmosphere. Chickadees whirred electrically. The cottontails seemed tame, but hopped off as soon as a certain buffer was breached. [...]

Squirrels and birds

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Two days ago I saw two squirrels turning big folds of kleenex around in their mouths. I wondered if the recent cool stint had given them the idea to insulate their nests. A man [...]


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The sun is shining. A barrel of dirt is overflowing with mint. Bumblebees love the hydrangea. The hydrangea is so seething with bugs its pollen falls like snow.